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Our mechanical parts come with a 60 day limited warranty. If a part fails within that time period we will replace the part. If we are unable to provide a replacement we will provide a store credit or a refund. The warranty is null and void if any of the following conditions occur:
  • The part is misinstalled, improperly adjusted, or not filled correctly with the corresponding fluid, e.g. transmission fluid, motor oil, antifreeze, etc.
  • The part is disassembled, overheated, or submerged.
  • The part ordered is the one requested but turns out not to be what the customer needed. We are not here for experimentation.
  • The proscribed warranty period has elapsed.
The customer is responsible for shipping costs on accepted returns.

All engines, unless otherwise noted in the conditions, have been run and passed a compression test. Engines are warranteed against knocks, block or head cracking, and excessive smoke. Engines are sold complete (block, head, manifolds and fuel intake) without accessories (alternator, compressor, p/s pump, etc.).

There is no refund on electrical parts, only exchanges for the same part. Electrical parts include but are not limited to:
  • alternators
  • starters
  • distributors
  • coils and ignitors
  • all types of electronic control modules
  • antilock brake assemblies
  • window switches

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